Anti Snoring Product: Asonor

Asonor a leading snore treatment product, which delivers instant results. It effectively eliminates the cause of snoring and it is an effective treatment, which relives you from the snoring. By simply applying a few nasal drops in each nostril, you, and your partner, can experience the most peaceful sleep.

  • Anti-snoring solution
  • Treatment for snoring by the regular usage
  • Reduces and removes the snoring problems
  • Easy application
  • Ingredients: Polysorbate 80, Glycerol, Sodium Chloride 0.9% w/v, Edetate sodium, PW, Potassium Sorbate 0.15%

Why do people Snore?

Snoring is a huge issue, which is caused due to a variety of medical conditions or sometimes, sleeping patterns. Snoring is mostly caused by the back of the throat collapsing against your tongue each time you breathe, or excess fat formation around the nasal cavity and throat, which causes obstruction in the airway while you’re asleep.

How does Asonor work?

It works by lubricating and softening the mucous membrane and lightly contracting the musculature in the throat. This means that breathing becomes easy and unobstructed, and furthermore prevents the dry mouth that many snorers complain about in the morning. Before going to bed, squeeze 4 to 6 drops into each nostril until you can feel the liquid in your throat. It is essential that solution reaches the throat for optimal results. Do not eat or drink after application of Asonor to get the best result.

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